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**Looking for an apartment / roommate for summer

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Hello, my name is Heather and I'm a junior at Marymount. I'm looking for somewhere to live for this summer (could be a new apartment OR a sublet).

I want to live in a place on the east side of Manhattan (off the green subway line) no later than May 20th, preferably downtown (lower than midtown east) AND/OR not any higher than the E 86th street stop. Nothing too far from the subway either. I'm willing to pay no more than $900 a month for my share of the rent.

A little about myself... I'm a singer/songwriter and filmmaker. I am really passionate about rock and roll music and improv/sketch comedy. I'm a music and comedy nerd straight up. I'm very easy to live with. I'm respectful and responsible. I'm clean. I must say, I'm pretty fun too. I'm a very positive person and would be looking for someone who is too. No drama!

I'd like to live with someone who has similar interests as me, but I'm not going to be too picky. If you're interested, please email me (heatherlallison@gmail.com) with the following!

Sleeping habits:
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Price range:
Location of interest:
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