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Okay, so my dad is all "blah blah, see how much the college cost, why do you want to go to New York, blah blah blah." He's worried that the financial aid I receivewon't be enough to cover expenses. He wants to know how much tuition is. I'm kind of scared to let him know because it's expensive. I think he wants me to go to community college because it's way cheaper, but fuck that. I don't even live with him, and he never comes through for me so I don't really care what he says. But it's true that my family (my mom and I) don't have much money at all. Like, poor almost. She's diabetic too and has other health problems so I don't want to put much burden on her.

What I need to know is, are you satisfied with the aid you've received from Marymount? Do you receive federal aid? Is the aid you receive sufficent to relieve your burden even a little bit? How do you plan to deal with Marymount's price tag. Do you think I can manage?

Sorry for asking a question that's been asked to death and being vague. :/
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I'm currently attempting to apartment hunt in the city from my home in PA. And right now, I don't know if I'll be able to actually rent out an apartment considering I won't have a job in the city (until after I move there) and I currently live at home so I don't have any landlord references or anything. I have good credit and a lot in savings (I mean a lot) so I can support myself until I am able to get a job after I'm settled in the city.

So I've been thinking of going the long-term share route. I want to move in sometime in late July or early/mid-August. I'm willing to spend $900 a month including utilities. I'd move anywhere that is safe and has a decent commute to Marymount.

Some things about me:
I'm a 22 year old single, straight female.
I don't smoke/do drugs.
I have the occasional drink every now and then but it doesn't rule my life...I seriously haven't drank anything since New Years!
I'm not really a partier. I'd prefer to hang out and watch movies or go out to dinner than going crazy in my house or in a bar.
I'm really laid back and quiet, I've had roommates before in college and while I was friends with them and we hung out, I still like my space and will respect yours.
I like to cook and I've been told I cook well!
I love animals, and they really take to me as well, so if you have/want pets that's awesome with me!

So if you or anyone you know is looking for a roommate, comment here or email me at heatherp1117@hotmail.com so we can chat!
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Ok Im a communications arts major  (who wants to go into public relations) transfering in from a community college in Texas after three years completing my core credits. Im trying to figure out what classes Id like to take in the fall. so if anyone can help me out by recomending some classes and professors or maybe if this is ur first year at MMC and your in my same boat what kind of classes have you signed up for.. also for the past years Ive gone to classes on MWF and it worked out pretty well but im kinda wondering if I should switch to t/th classes cause it seems like thats where the most selections is. any kind of feedback would be fabulous.
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Hello! My name is Heather, and I'm transferring to MMC this fall as a first (maybe second???) semester junior. I'm a Communication Arts major, concentrating in film/tv production (music minor), and I was wondering if anyone here is doing the same?

If so, any interesting internships you've done or are thinking about doing? I'm a HUGE comedy/music nerd and am interested in trying to get an internship at SNL, MTV, Conan (or Jimmy Fallon once Conan has moved to LA). Anyone in the same boat as me? It'd be great to get some advice/tips/suggestions etc. for those kinds of internships.

Also, does anyone here regularly go to tapings of SNL, Conan, or shows at UCB theater? 'Cos I do that a lot and it would be fun for people at MMC to join me occasionally!

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I called Marymount today and the guy I spoke to said I was admitted but being deferred to spring '09 because my application was so late. I don't even care about that right now, I'm just so happy I got in! WOOO!
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i really don't know why. the letter says that my over all qualifications didn't meet the criteria, but i checked on college board before i applied and my sat's are either within range or above, and i've only had one B this year, with all A's in ap and honors courses! and there wasn't even a section of the application for extracurriculars. it says to apply again for transfer after one full semester at another school, but i haven't even gotten into any other schools. i guess it might be because i applied so late, but that's the only reason i can think of. i know this post is really irrelevant, but i'm totally crushed.
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Hiya. I'm Carolee, I live in Georgia, and I'll be attending Marymount this fall ('08). My major is as of yet undeclared, but I'm thinking of going into either Philosophy or Humanities. Anyway, I'm trying to make some friends before I throw myself into this completely new place, so.. leave me a comment or something!
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Hi my name is Dominique and Ive been accepted to Marymount already. Im really excited. I currently live in Garland, tx but am originally from the city and cant wait to get back. I am a transfer student and will be majoring in Communication Art with a concetration in professional and promotional communications. I ust wanted to introduce myself and hopfully make a few friends before I get there. I would love to already know a few people on campus ahead of time.

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I notice this community isn't all that active and a lot of questions tend to go unanswered. I'm in a bit of a spot right now, so I really can't have that. Hope this doesn't sound pushy or anything. :)

1) I'm going to apply on Tuesday or Wednesday, sometime during the week, and I want to know if it's too late? I know MMC has rolling admissions but is there a chance they'll turn me down because they've already accepted enough students?

2) As sad as it sounds, I peaked first quarter of freshmen year with a 3.0 GPA. From there my GPA has usually been in the mid 2-point something, sometimes a high 2-point something, many times a low 2-point something, and a few times below a 2.0 because sophmore year was pretty bad for me. I have no extracurricular activities to speak of. I know Marymount isn't the most competitive school academically, but do I have a good chance of getting in? At this point, I need a very good chance, an almost sure thing. If Marymount doesn't work out, I don't know what I'm going to do, so I'd rather not waste my time. 

3) I have no interest in anything theater related, I'm going to major in sociology. I know the sociology department is small and there aren't many students taking it, so do you think that might boost my chances of getting in? 

4) How long will it take for the school to get back to me at this point? A month, a few weeks, two months? I hope it isn't long. =/ 

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i started filling out my application to MMC today. i found it on college board over the weekend and discovered that it has just about everything i'm looking for in a college. my only worry is that because i am applying so late all of the slots will already be filled.

can anyone tell me how much lower my chances are of getting in if i apply now as opposed to if i had applied earlier?

also if you're willing and already a student at MMC, would you mind reading the first half of my essay and critiquing it? i'm worried that it is either not concrete enough or that it makes me seem a little bitter. (i want to double major in communications and english, if that would help)

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