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Marymount · Manhattan · College

The Residence Halls.

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I turned in the $200 enrollment fee with a request to reserve housing for Spring 2009. So yeah, it looks like I'm definitely going to be attending and living at 55th Street. So can anyone tell me about what's like to live there? I've read what the school website has to say, I've watched the tour videos (multiple times, in fact), but nothing beats first-hand account.

Please tell me about your experiences. The good, the bad, tips, warnings, etc. Are the rooms coed? Were roommates a pain in the ass? Privacy scarce? Curfews strict? Any really cool places nearby that I should make a note to check out? What's the Convenience Store like? Is it just chockful of junk food?

Tell me everything~

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On June 21st, 2008 01:33 pm (UTC), mylifeflashed commented:
You'll be living in Midtown East, which can be good or bad...I personally hate Midtown just because it's where all the tourists and huge buildings are, but it's good because it's close to pretty much everything. The suites are REALLY nice. I've never lived there myself (I'm going to be a transfer student this year, living at De Hirsch), but I've had a couple friends live there and show me around. The suites are freaking 'UGE with 2-3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen (lucky!). Like college, getting good roommates is lucky, you can't get your hopes up to have 100% perfect friendships with the people you dorm with. At my old school I HATED my roommate freshman year because she was so awkward and anti-social and I survived somehow. It's different for everyone. The rooms are same-sex, but the floors may be co-ed, I don't know. Oh, and another great thing about the 55th street dorms is the convenience store you guys have one the 2nd floor. Talk about convenience! I love the location of De Hirsch (92nd & Lex) and I love the fact that it's within the same building as the legendary 92nd Street YMCA, BUT the rooms are fucking tiny and it's not suite-style at all! So feel lucky about that, even if you don't like the location for some reason. I couldn't tell you specific places around 55th you may want to go to (trust me, though...NYC has everywhere everywhere at every time) but here's Midtown's Wikipedia page haha: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midtown_Manhattan

Hope that helps a bit!
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On June 21st, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC), tribulation replied:
Sweet. This was very helpful, thank you!
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On June 21st, 2008 03:11 pm (UTC), pinktarty commented:
55th St dorms are suites but they're still pretty cramped. The floors are coed. It shares a building (and an elevator, I think) with some super-expensive condo/apartment high-rise, so you can't go above the 28th floor or something. The convenience store is...convenient, but pretty expensive.

You're really near Serendipity Ice Cream, Bloomingdale's, Urban Outfitters, 5th Avenue shopping, Patsy's famous pizza, Dylan's Candy Bar and there's an Outback Steakhouse right next door that delivers, I think.

You're also close to a subway station, central park, MOMA ( I think?).
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On June 21st, 2008 09:43 pm (UTC), tribulation replied:
Well, I live in a super cramped house now, so hopefully it won't be too much of a shock. All of that sounds pretty good to me! Thanks. :)
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